Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2017 Online

Happy New Year!

…Well, not quite yet. I may be a little premature in my celebration (at least in the US), but that is no reason for you not to celebrate the New Year in as many ways as humanly possible. Why just celebrate it at a bar when you can celebrate it online?

No, we’re not suggesting that you celebrate the New Year in front of your computer (what fun would that be?), but there are some awesome online tools for sending out celebration messages and watching the major New Year’s celebrations.

Have some of your own to add? Tell us in the comments.


1. Twitter Out the New Year


This is what Twitter was meant for – letting everyone know what you’re doing in one swift stroke. Use your mobile to Twitter out Happy New Year to all of your friends and followers. Don’t forget to include the #2009 tag in your tweet!

2. Stream Your Own Celebration

Fire up your webcam or camcorder and send the stream to all of your friends! You can be celebrating with friends halfway across the country, essentially getting two New Year celebrations in!





4. Write a New Years Blog Post

Write a short post wishing your readers a Happy New Year. Don’t forget to include what you’re going to do and the resolutions you intend to complete. Then share a link to the post in the comments below! (or for dramatic effect, schedule the post to appear at 11:59 tonight)

5. Live the Disney World 2017 Fireworks

Hook your computer up to your TV and allow your friends and family to watch Disney launch its fireworks live as they ring in the New Year into the wee hours.

6. Play Videos of Past New Year Celebrations at Your Party


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